Static/Dynamic Website

A Static Website displays fixed content to all visitors and is built using HTML and CSS.

Interactive User Experience | Customizable Functionality | Scalability

Dynamic Website

Overview of Static/Dynamic Website

Static and dynamic websites represent two fundamental approaches to web development, each with distinct characteristics, advantages, and use cases.

A static website consists of web pages with fixed content. Each page is created with HTML and possibly CSS for styling, and the content does not change unless the web developer manually updates the file. Static websites are straightforward to build, requiring minimal server resources and no database. They are ideal for small websites or projects with content that does not need frequent updates, such as portfolios, personal blogs, or informational sites.

Static Websites and Dynamic Websites are two main types of websites, each with distinct characteristics, functionalities, and use cases. Understanding the differences between them helps in choosing the right approach for specific web development needs.

Static Website Features :

1. Fixed Content:

  • Content does not change unless the HTML code is manually altered.
  • Suitable for websites where content updates are infrequent.

2. Simple Structure:

  • Generally consists of HTML, CSS, and possibly JavaScript.
  • Easier and faster to develop and deploy.

3. Performance:

  • Typically loads faster because the server only needs to deliver static files.
  • Lower server resource usage compared to dynamic websites.

4. Security:

  • Less vulnerable to attacks such as SQL injection since there are no server-side scripts.
  • Simpler architecture reduces potential security vulnerabilities.

5. Hosting:

  • Can be hosted on any web server, including inexpensive or free hosting services.
  • Requires less server-side configuration.

Dynamic Website Features :

1. Dynamic Content:

  • Content is generated on the fly based on user interactions or database queries.
  • Suitable for websites requiring frequent updates or interactive features.

2. Server-Side Technologies:

  • Utilize server-side languages such as PHP, Python, Ruby, or ASP.NET.
  • Often integrated with databases (e.g., MySQL, PostgreSQL) to store and retrieve content.

3. Interactivity:

  • Supports interactive features such as user login, comments, forums, and e-commerce functionalities.
  • Content can be personalized based on user behavior and preferences.

4. Complex Structure:

  • Requires more development time and expertise.
  • Involves back-end and front-end development.

5. Performance and Scalability: -

  • May require more server resources and optimization to handle large traffic and complex queries.
  • Can be scaled more effectively with advanced techniques and infrastructure.
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Static/Dynamic Website Functional Modules

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Automation principle!

  • Every HR function has to integrate with business goals, which needs some level of custom HR practices.
  • With OpportuneHR 15% automation framework, HR automation can be achieved 100%

Mobile application

  • Offline attendance, geo fencing & tagging, selfie attendance, requests & approvals, ESS. Work on the move

Employee self service

  • Intuitive & user friendly design.
  • Easy access to self data.
  • Attendance marking, leave application, requests to HR, payslips, and many such features available via dashboard.

Secured Environment

  • We understand the importance of data & we respect the privacy of individual data.
  • Our application is complied with HTTPS, VAPT, APP SEC, Identity data encryption.


  • AI improves hiring time by 40%.
  • Intelligent BOT and ML understands queries in spite of varying phrases, helps address unstructured communication & improves employee experience with quick and relevant responses

HR Process & Workflow

  • Create processes, make checklist, define TATs. Define one time & recurring processes
  • Multiple level review & approval workflows.

Single click payroll dashboard

  • The most demanding & complex function of HR is payroll.
  • Experience the one click payroll by OpportuneHR

Employee Tax benefits

  • Integration with apps offering tax benefits like food coupons, gift vouchers, petrol card. An important payroll component

Multiple Letter designer

  • Create your own letters, insert variable data from database.
  • Enhance your HR communication with letter creating functionality

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