Optimise Your Processes with Our BPO Services

We're transforming the call centre market by providing all of the BPO outsourcing services you need at a significantly lower cost. You can get one-stop solutions at GreenCall. Our experts specialise in providing cost-effective and customised BPO services to companies across industries. We have professionals who deliver you services full of their calibre, and the services include data entry, customer support, telemarketing, lead generation, and back-office operations. The trained data specialists from our agency process data of any complexity, form, and size and modify it to meet your business requirements. So, whether your company requires data capture, verification, structuring, validation, or more, we promise high returns on your data investments. Our focus is to help our clients in a competitive environment easily beat global competitors and thrive for decades. Greencall uses the latest technologies, industry best practices, and effective methodologies to deliver exceptional client services.

Bring next-generation BPO solutions to your business with GreenCall

We are a next-generation BPO solution that helps businesses all over the world manage their data properly so they can run their operations. As one of the most credible BPO providers in India, our extensive domain expertise across various industry verticals allows our clients to grow and adapt to the evolving requirements of the digital world. Greencall's consistent efforts to build effective relationships with our clients, backed by a commitment to offering on-time and qualitative services, have been pivotal to our consistent growth above market standards. With us, you can experience the biggest change ever. Our experts know how to blend data-driven solutions with the latest technologies in the right way to transform your business. The professionals from our company prefer technological solutions like CRM, voice services, remote desktops, etc. to handle the outsourcing services.

Our Industry Expertise

At GreenCall BPO Solutions, we have expertise in handling many industries. We are not restricted to one niche our professionals have helped many industries for years


Financial Services: GreenCall offers BPO services to finance companies, including data management, loan processing, and customer support.

Medical Management: We offer business process outsourcing services to the healthcare industry, including medical billing, customer support, and patient data management.

Real Estate: Real estate companies can get BPO services from this credible partner. The services include lead generation, data management, and customer support.

Technology: We offer BPO services to technology firms, including technical support, software development, and customer support.

FMCG: Our experts help handle BPO services for FMCG companies, including customer support, telemarketing, and data management.

Insurance: We offer BPO services to insurance firms, including data management, lead generation, and customer support.

Electronic commerce: Our expertise is handling BPO services for e-commerce organisations, including order processing, product data management, and customer support.

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Tailored Solutions

We Offer customised solutions to help streamline your customer experience strategies.


Customer Experience Services

Our company offers cx services because we know their experience matters. With us, you can create the customer loyalty you require to help your company grow.


Customer Experience Strategies

With us, you get relevant strategies for an effective client experience. You can uncover the highs and lows of your customer journey to make their experience unbeatable.


Contact Centre Technology

We at GreenCall provide contact centre technology to build the customer centre foundation for clients. Technology helps clients shape the experience that the brand delivers.


Agent experience and credibility

With us, you get engaged agents who stay with you for longer, offer a deeper understanding of your brand, and deliver a better customer experience.


Self-Help and Intelligent Automation

We offer cost-effective, accurate, and customer satisfaction with credible automation and self-help services. With us, you can automate your routine and fulfil repetitive tasks on time.


Insights and Statics

We help companies combine voice-based and written data sources to uncover patterns and trends. This drives better decision-making that grows the company unbeatably.